Organization Specifics

Totes for Kids (T4K) exists to primarily provide relief from the effects of trauma and to provide children with the equipment needed to ensure their successful transition to a stable home.

o Provides bags, toiletries, toys, clothing and other necessary items to children.

o Bags are distributed through CPS and DSHS employees at the time of pick up or soon after to provide children with a quality possession that they can use for the foreseeable future.

Totes For kids storyline

Imagine if you could how you would feel if everything you own was placed in a plastic garbage bag. When children and young people are removed from their parents’ home because of abuse or neglect they are often removed in an emergency situation that forces them to leave behind their possessions, clothes and essential hygiene items. These children’s are often transported in plastic bags because they have no luggage available. In addition, when children’s lives are further disrupted as a result of numerous foster home placements a similar problem occurs. This lack of their own equipment in which to transport and keep their own things has a detrimental effect of the self-esteem of children and young people in our foster care system. Totes For Kids seeks to ensure that every child has what they need when they make a transition into foster care by giving each child age appropriate equipment that will aid them in difficult transition to a new home.


Totes for Kids is in a unique position to effective reach and care for at-risk children in our community by reducing the immediate effects of trauma as a result of being removed from their homes and placed in to foster care.

We are well established within the justice system and within the community to become an integral part of the holistic care efforts between government, community, and charitable organizations in Snohomish County.

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